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Designer Kevin Price and several Utah roofers are seeing red, as in the Red Ledges community in 
Heber City, Utah.  Price has shaken up the development by designing 22 custom homes; many with 
DaVinci Roofscapes polymer shake roofing tiles.  The Red Ledges community was named for the fiery 
rock formations unique to Utah.  Located just minutes away from Park City, it has become popular for 
its year round recreation, dining options, and stunning mountain views.  Views of Mt. Timpanogos are 
as breathtaking as the skiing, golf, tennis, and equestrian options in the area.  Awe-inspiring landscape
provides incredible views from every home in the development.  With deep roots in the Heber Valley, 
Red Ledges developers Tony Burns and Noland Archibald acquired 2,000 acres of land over a 33-year 
period with 27 different transactions to create the Red Ledges community.
“This development started with the edict that all roofs must be natural wood shake,” says Price, president of Kevin Price Designs in Park City, Utah.  “That just didn’t make sense to me.  Natural wood shake is a fire risk not worth taking and it doesn’t hold up well in this part of the country.  I lobbied Red Ledges to try an alternative roofing product.  Of the options, DaVinci was a clear cut ahead of every other product.  They approved this polymer shake tile immediately when they saw the realistic look of the shake shingles.  Since then I’ve specified it on every home I’ve designed in Red Ledges.”
Price initially became intrigued by the polymer shake roofing tiles when Marc Smith with ACW Construction, Salt Lake City, Utah, discussed a project home with him.  Smith explained that the polymer tiles are easy to install, look great, and that he has not had to return to the project to fix any problems.
Within Red Ledges, a collection of carefully designed neighborhoods follow a community master plan to offer homebuyers the option of estate home sites, luxury cottages, mountain villas, and mountain view homes.  The mountain villas feature floor plans that range in size up to 3,800-finished sq.ft.  The mountain view homes range in size from 2,000 to 5,000 sq.ft. with optional basement.  For the ultimate home experience in Red Ledges, the cottages are a limited collection of luxury homes, created in the spirit of authentic western living.  All home designs in Red Ledges must meet the stringent architectural direction specifications of the community to keep it one of the most compelling real estate investments available in Utah.
Residents of Red Ledges enjoy more than just the picturesque landscape from the comfort of their homes.  The community includes a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course and is home to the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School and The Jim McLean Golf School.  A full equestrian program, swim and fitness club, dining, and a wide assortment of social activities are available for residents.
ACW Construction, which specializes in roofing for custom homes throughout Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, considers the polymer roofing tiles an excellent option for their customers.  The DaVinci Bellaforté product line is a product with quality and competitive pricing.  ACW Construction has installed this product for several years all over Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Nature and Polymer
According to Price, the designs of the 5,000 sq.ft. homes are dictated by the views and the personalities of his clients.  The commonality of the designs in Red Ledges is that they all capture stunning Timpanogos Mountain vistas and are created to complement the natural landscape.
“I only specify natural products for exterior siding on homes at Red Ledges,” says Price.  “There’s cedar siding, natural stone, and rusted or reclaimed metals.  What amazes me is that the polymer roofs blend perfectly with these natural products.  Since the roof in this desert setting takes the most abuse from the sun and weather, it needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  We’ve been using the Multi-Width Shake and Bellaforté Shake roofing products, which capture both desires perfectly.  Now I’ve started my first design project using the Multi-Width Slate tile from DaVinci for a contemporary style home in the same community.  That’s the next progressive step toward getting polymer slate roofs at Red Ledges.”
Price points out that the Multi-Width Shake composite roofing has the texture of natural cedar shake with a deep-grained surface.  Multiple widths of the shake tiles help create a more natural, non-repeating appearance on the roof and can be laid in either a straight or staggered pattern.  The product comes in a full spectrum of authentic cedar colors and is crafted using virgin resins to guarantee a sustainable product.  A variety of color blends are also available with both wavy and straight grains used throughout the blend for an authentic look.  Designed to realistically resemble real cedar shake roofing tiles, the Bellaforté Shake installs quickly due to the product’s patented features, which include a leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge.  A square of Bellaforté Shake, with 100 pieces per square, weighs just 190 lbs.  This lower tile weight helps reduce installation time and transportation costs.  All DaVinci roofs resist impact, fire, algae, and insects.

Designer’s Tips
A designer for more than 35 years, Price specializes in custom residential projects, like those found in Red Ledges.  Based on specifying roofing products and his experiences with the DaVinci products, he offers these tips for roofers:
Take the time to understand polymer products; they’re different from natural shake or slate products and it’s worth the investment of time to review the manufacturer’s instructions and installation recommendations.
Plan ahead on where to place snow guards.  The polymer roofing products allow snow to shed easily, so extra care should be taken to make certain the snow will direct itself off the roof in a safe direction, just as a roofer would consider when using a standing-seam metal roof.  Key areas to focus on snow guard installation are above entryways, kitchens, and patio areas.
If cost is a consideration, consider the Bellaforté product line.  The product is very competitive with natural cedar shake and it lasts longer.

Importance of Color
According to Price, each home in Red Ledges has a unique setting.  Some are downhill from the street, where the roof will be very visible.  Other homes are uphill, where the roof has less of an influence on the final look of the home.  Still other homes are constructed in heavily wooded lots, where the roof needs to blend in with the landscape.  All these factors contribute to which roof product will be chosen.  The color is the most important issue and DaVinci has 49 standard colors to select from that can be mixed and matched to create a custom blend.  In Red Ledges, Price is often mixing different types of natural and rustic materials, from rock to rusted metal, for the home’s exterior.  While it may seem like it would be a challenge to blend these natural and rustic materials with a polymer roof, with the polymer shake product it’s not at all difficult.  Price notes that the these products seem to adapt to their environment and take on a natural look of their own.
Recently, Price completed plans for a home that will take on a distinctive old mine look, with exposed, rusted steel beams, corrugated metal siding, old timbers, and railings made of steel mesh that will rust.  Thanks to the results he has had with the DaVinci roofing products, a polymer roof will be a perfect fit now for that house.

Insights from Homeowners
Set against a landscape of mountain vistas, the Red Ledges community boasts many unique homes.  Price is relied on to create eye-pleasing home exteriors that blend in with the natural Utah setting, starting with the roof.
“The three brown tones of our DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roof make up the Mountain blend,” says Ann Fiery, homeowner.  “The color is beautiful.  It complements the colors of our stonework siding as well as the stain colors on the exterior.
In the same community, Eric Gingras also sings the praises of the designer.  “Price has an innate sense of combining the customer’s requirements, architectural realities, and building supply options,” says Gingras.  “Specifying the synthetic shake roof is just one example of combining client needs with local covenants and restrictions to achieve a stunning home exterior.”
For the Gingras home, Price specified the Bellaforté Shake roofing product in the Espresso blend of four tones of brown.  “I love the dark color options on our roof as they complement our light-colored cedar siding,” says Gingras.  “In addition, I know the simulated shake roofing will retain its rich dark color without fading, splitting, or rotting.  We’ve eliminated the problems of natural shake roofs while gaining long-term durability.
The DaVinci polymer roofing products provide the look of traditional cedar shake roofs with low-maintenance, fire-resistance, and a wide variety of color and texture options.
Shaking Up Utah Roofs
Designer Offers Polymer 
Roofing Tips in Heber City, Utah
by Kathy Ziprik, public relations representative, DaVinci Roofscapes