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When David Wilson needed to replace the cedar shake shingles on his Sun Valley, Idaho, home, he 
knew he wanted a quality material with a traditional design.  His choice was the new Windsor(TM) 
Elegant Heavyweight Shingle by Malarkey Roofing Products®.  Sun Valley is a picturesque resort town 
in the heart of Idaho that draws outdoor enthusiasts with its mountain vistas.  As a past president of 
the National Association of Home Builders and owner of Wilson Construction, David Wilson is familiar 
with quality construction.  Wilson has lived in Sun Valley for over 30 years, where he has built high-end
custom homes and commercial buildings.  Among the elegant homes Wilson has constructed is his own 
French country style home, which he built in 1987.  The 5,700 sq.ft. home was built on the Elkhorn 
Golf Course, just a short drive from the slopes of Bald Mountain.  Located at an elevation of nearly 6,000', the Sun Valley area has some buildings which feature a continuous architectural ridge vent to accommodate the mountain winters and prevent ice damming.  The average snowfall in Sun Valley reaches 120" a year, requiring roofing materials that can endure a barrage of freeze and thaw cycles throughout the year.  While the roof is designed to withstand harsh winter weather, it must also stand up to the threat imposed by the dry summer fire season.
With their traditional design, cedar shake shingles were popular in the local community through the 1990’s.  But because of increased wildfire concerns, that has been changing in recent years.  With wildfire season in full force, and 110,000 acres of land burned in 2013 in the nearby Beaver Creek Fire, local communities are establishing ordinances requiring the installation of roofs with a Class A fire rating.  In light of this updated fire code, Wilson wanted a roofing alternative that met the aesthetic look he desired from cedar shake, while providing additional fire resistance.
For the roof installation, Wilson contacted Brad Baker, owner of Professional Roofing of Bellevue, Idaho, and current member of the Western States Roofing Contractors Association Board of Directors.  The two have collaborated on numerous custom residential and commercial projects over the past 25 years.  Wilson knew he could trust Baker for a quality product and installation.  They explored a range of roofing material options including metal, composite, and asphalt.  They found that a variety of materials could meet a Class A fire-resistance rating, but some materials would need an additional underlayment to meet the requirements.  Asphalt shingles, which feature a fiberglass mat and ceramic granules, offer a stand-alone solution for a Class A rating.
For its combination of durability and aesthetic appeal, Wilson chose the Windsor Elegant Heavyweight Shingle in Midnight Black.  The styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer modified asphalt featured in the shingles will allow them to remain flexible down to 0°F and promote improved granule retention during the fluctuating temperatures throughout the year.  The designer cut of the shingle, and elongated 5 3/4" tab size, offer an enhanced exposure area for a distinctive look.  The exposure areas also enrich the color variation for a dynamic style throughout the roof.  Wilson felt that the Windsor was a quality solution and appropriate fit for the traditional cedar shake style seen over the years throughout Sun Valley.
The Windsor shingle was reviewed and approved by the Elkhorn Home Owners Association and ordered through R & S Supply’s Twin Falls, Idaho, distribution location.  Professional Roofing installed the 60-square project with the Windsor shingle and matching high-profile EZ-Ridge(TM) in June of 2014.
Professional Roofing installs a wide variety of roofing materials, with over 20 years of experience installing Malarkey SBS enhanced shingles.  Although this project took place in June, Baker says he also installs SBS shingles during the fall and winter months.  “We do a lot of custom houses that start getting built in April and don’t get shingled until sometime between October and December,” Baker explained.  He went on to say that the SBS modified asphalt is more pliable in the colder temperatures than is oxidized asphalt, making it the ideal solution for cold climate installations.
Baker attests to the high-quality asphalt used in Malarkey shingles and is excited to see the introduction of a designer shingle.  Baker explained, “I’ve been looking forward to a designer shingle from Malarkey for a while and knew I wanted to install them as soon as they hit the market.”  The specially engineered cut of the new shingle proved to be a benefit during installation.  “A lot of the houses we do are pretty cut up with lots of hips and ridges,” said Baker.  He noted that the offset needed for installation of some designer shingles could be problematic to maintain.  The Windsor minimizes this issue with a consistent 6 3/8" offset and easy four-course book application.
Malarkey Roofing Products is proud to offer the new Windsor Elegant Heavyweight Shingle as a contractor-friendly solution in the designer shingle market.  After his experience with the Windsor shingle, Wilson said he would definitely recommend the product for future projects.  “The Windsor fits the look of Sun Valley and offers the fire resistance we need,” declared Wilson.  Baker agreed with this recommendation and stated that Professional Roofing has installed four roofs with the Windsor shingle since the product’s release in May.
Designer Shingle Evolution
Elegant Design Meets Lasting 
Durability in Sun Valley, Idaho
by Traci Shaw, communications coordinator, Malarkey Roofing Products
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